Static site generator for the blog
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Static site generator for the blog


This code is available free and open source under the 0BSD, but it is a very early-stage project. You’re welcome to use it, fork it, print it out and fold it into a hat, etc… but you will find that this project is not yet polished nor feature complete.


While this repository uses the 0BSD license which does not require the inclusion of a copyright notice/text in any distribution, it depends on some bsd-style licensed libraries including (but potentially not limited to):

  • the Rust standard library which is dual licensed.
  • nom which is under the MIT license.
  • env_logger which is dual licensed.
  • log which is dual licensed.
  • serde which is dual licensed.
  • serde_json which is dual licensed.
  • rand which is dual licensed.
  • chrono which is dual licensed.

I am not a lawyer, and I am not your lawyer. This is not legal advice, but I believe attribution for these projects and their dependencies would be required under the terms of their licenses.