Add a test case for casting booleans to numbers.

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Tom Alexander 2020-06-14 18:14:27 -04:00
parent c300d18a75
commit e54e20d254
Signed by: talexander
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@ -38,3 +38,5 @@ Type cast{~n}
{@eq key=int value="7" type="number"}int is equal to "7"::number{~n}{:else}int is not equal to "7"::number{~n}{/eq}
{@eq key=beta value=21 type="string"}beta is equal to 21::string{~n}{:else}beta is not equal to 21::string{~n}{/eq}
{@eq key=beta value="21" type="string"}beta is equal to "21"::string{~n}{:else}beta is not equal to "21"::string{~n}{/eq}
{@eq key=1 value=true_value type="number"}1 is equal to true_value::number{~n}{:else}1 is not equal to true_value::number{~n}{/eq}
{@eq key=0 value=false_value type="number"}0 is equal to false_value::number{~n}{:else}0 is not equal to false_value::number{~n}{/eq}