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FROM rustlang/rust:nightly-alpine3.10
# findutils needed to replace busybox xargs because it is failing to
# pass stdin through when using the `-a` flag
RUN apk --no-cache add bash git npm nodejs findutils
# Create unprivileged user
RUN addgroup -S duster && adduser -S duster -G duster
# Install LinkedIn DustJS. Installing it globally before copying in
# the repo to avoid spamming the npm servers with every codebase
# change.
RUN npm install -g dustjs-linkedin dustjs-helpers
# Copy repo into duster user's directory
RUN mkdir /home/duster/duster
WORKDIR /home/duster/duster
COPY . .
RUN chown -R duster:duster /home/duster/duster
USER duster
RUN git clean -dfxq
RUN cargo build
RUN npm link dustjs-linkedin dustjs-helpers
ENTRYPOINT ["/home/duster/duster/js/run_compliance_suite.bash"]