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Ed Maste 2d6094615a release: Remove mergemaster mm-mtree.sh script
It is unused after 8ee478dfd4 ("release: stop generating mergemaster

Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
2024-06-17 14:37:46 -04:00
.cirrus-ci Cirrus-CI: add some timing info on pkg install failure 2021-08-04 15:02:00 -04:00
.github .github: Update the path used for the homebrew LLVM install on macOS 2024-05-02 15:05:15 -07:00
bin csh: Remove hardlink /.cshrc 2024-05-29 09:56:58 +02:00
cddl dtrace tests: Regenerate makefiles after commit d0b2dbfa0e 2024-06-01 11:16:39 -04:00
contrib pf: convert DIOCBEGINADDRS to netlink 2024-06-08 04:46:43 +02:00
crypto posix_async: FreeBSD also defines {make|swap|get|set}context 2024-05-31 10:53:39 -06:00
etc BSD.tests.dist: add entry for virstor test 2024-06-10 11:56:18 -07:00
gnu misc: Remove ancient SCCS tags. 2023-11-26 22:23:27 -07:00
include stddef.h/stdlib.h: Remove unused rune_t 2024-06-02 19:41:22 +01:00
kerberos5 kerberos5: Mitigate the possibility of using an old libcrypto 2024-01-18 07:12:14 -08:00
lib fparseln: Update license 2024-06-15 18:30:27 -05:00
libexec rc.subr: add some sanity checks for service jails 2024-06-14 20:15:46 +02:00
release release: Remove mergemaster mm-mtree.sh script 2024-06-17 14:37:46 -04:00
rescue Remove gbde from rescue 2024-05-07 07:23:38 +00:00
sbin camcontrol.8: Fix a typo in the manual page 2024-06-16 18:01:12 +02:00
secure openssl: don't export nonexistant symbols 2024-04-22 21:28:51 +01:00
share development.7: markup nits, tag spdx 2024-06-17 12:52:25 -04:00
stand boot/efi: Fix warning for non-standard formats when debugging 2024-06-14 11:11:05 -06:00
sys cxgbev(4): Pay attention to the VLAN configuration for the VF. 2024-06-17 10:35:14 -07:00
targets Remove gbde from the "userland" pseudo-target 2024-05-07 07:35:14 +00:00
tests virstor: basic functional test 2024-06-10 10:32:22 -07:00
tools stress2: Revert change accidentally added in ff4a72c159 2024-06-15 08:33:14 +02:00
usr.bin uniq tests: Make uniq_test:stdout more reliable 2024-06-13 20:00:47 -04:00
usr.sbin Revert "tzsetup: ask local/UTC question only on x86" 2024-06-17 13:04:40 -04:00
.arcconfig arcanist: use FreeBSD/git project repository instead of FreeBSD/svn 2022-08-23 14:16:41 +00:00
.arclint arc lint: ignore /tests/ in chmod 2017-12-19 03:38:06 +00:00
.cirrus.yml Cirrus-CI: switch to llvm18 by default 2024-04-07 17:23:25 -04:00
.clang-format clang-format: Minor tweaks 2024-04-30 17:33:43 -04:00
.git-blame-ignore-revs Add another commit to .git-blame-ignore-revs 2024-03-15 23:11:52 +00:00
.gitattributes Remove SVN related Git attributes 2023-12-26 10:28:28 -07:00
.gitignore .gitignore: add sys/*/compile 2024-02-02 09:20:36 -07:00
.mailmap mailmap: Translate olce's personal address to olce@FreeBSD.org 2024-01-04 15:59:01 +01:00
CONTRIBUTING.md CONTRIBUTING.md/style: spring cleaning 2024-05-10 15:07:03 -06:00
COPYRIGHT ntp: Vendor import of ntp-4.2.8p18 2024-05-26 15:55:52 -07:00
LOCKS Update LOCKS for Git 2023-12-26 10:28:25 -07:00
MAINTAINERS MAINTAINERS: change linuxkpi review Phabricator group. 2024-01-16 19:23:39 +00:00
Makefile contrib/bsddialog: Import version 1.0.3 2024-05-27 19:51:37 +02:00
Makefile.inc1 Makefile.inc1: Allow showconfig and test-system-* if (X)CC is GCC 2024-06-03 00:16:58 +01:00
Makefile.libcompat build{libcompat}: Pass UNIVERSE_TOOLCHAIN_PATH to the _lc_build-tools submake 2023-08-21 21:00:45 -07:00
Makefile.sys.inc Remove $FreeBSD$: one-line sh pattern 2023-08-16 11:55:03 -06:00
ObsoleteFiles.inc ObsoleteFiles.inc: Add missed riscv64 file for LLVM 17 2024-06-04 18:07:56 +01:00
README.md contrib/bsddialog: Import version 1.0.3 2024-05-27 19:51:37 +02:00
RELNOTES RELNOTES: document MAC/do 2024-05-22 14:05:57 +02:00
UPDATING package: move OpenBSM auditing into its own package 2024-04-28 22:33:06 -06:00


FreeBSD Source:

This is the top level of the FreeBSD source directory.

FreeBSD is an operating system used to power modern servers, desktops, and embedded platforms. A large community has continually developed it for more than thirty years. Its advanced networking, security, and storage features have made FreeBSD the platform of choice for many of the busiest web sites and most pervasive embedded networking and storage devices.

For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this directory. Additional copyright information also exists for some sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for more information.

The Makefile in this directory supports a number of targets for building components (or all) of the FreeBSD source tree. See build(7), config(8), FreeBSD handbook on building userland, and Handbook for kernels for more information, including setting make(1) variables.

For information on the CPU architectures and platforms supported by FreeBSD, see the FreeBSD website's Platforms page.

For official FreeBSD bootable images, see the release page.

Source Roadmap:

Directory Description
bin System/user commands.
cddl Various commands and libraries under the Common Development and Distribution License.
contrib Packages contributed by 3rd parties.
crypto Cryptography stuff (see crypto/README).
etc Template files for /etc.
gnu Commands and libraries under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Please see gnu/COPYING and gnu/COPYING.LIB for more information.
include System include files.
kerberos5 Kerberos5 (Heimdal) package.
lib System libraries.
libexec System daemons.
release Release building Makefile & associated tools.
rescue Build system for statically linked /rescue utilities.
sbin System commands.
secure Cryptographic libraries and commands.
share Shared resources.
stand Boot loader sources.
sys Kernel sources (see sys/README.md).
targets Support for experimental DIRDEPS_BUILD
tests Regression tests which can be run by Kyua. See tests/README for additional information.
tools Utilities for regression testing and miscellaneous tasks.
usr.bin User commands.
usr.sbin System administration commands.

For information on synchronizing your source tree with one or more of the FreeBSD Project's development branches, please see FreeBSD Handbook.