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Tom Alexander 8 months ago
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Signed by: talexander
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@ -6,14 +6,13 @@ Organic is an emacs-less implementation of an [org-mode](https://orgmode.org/) p
This project is still under HEAVY development. While the version remains v0.1.x the API will be changing often. Once we hit v0.2.x we will start following semver.
Currently, the parser is able to correctly identify the start/end bounds of all the org-mode objects and elements (except table.el tables, org-mode tables are supported) but many of the interior properties are not yet populated.
Currently, Organic parses most documents the same as the official org-mode parser. Most of the development right now is finding documents where the parsers differ and fixing those issues.
### Project Goals
- We aim to provide perfect parity with the emacs org-mode parser. In that regard, any document that parses differently between Emacs and Organic is considered a bug.
- The parser should be fast. We're not doing anything special, but since this is written in Rust and natively compiled we should be able to beat the existing parsers.
- The parser should have minimal dependencies. This should reduce effort w.r.t.: security audits, legal compliance, portability.
- The parser should be usable everywhere. In the interest of getting org-mode used in as many places as possible, this parser should be usable by everyone everywhere. This means:
- It must have a permissive license for use in proprietary code bases.
- It must have a permissive license.
- We will investigate compiling to WASM. This is an important goal of the project and will definitely happen, but only after the parser has a more stable API.
- We will investigate compiling to a C library for native linking to other code. This is more of a maybe-goal for the project.
### Project Non-Goals