Make creating AllAstNodeIter explicit.
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This is to remove the ambiguity between calling iter on the specific structs like Document and calling iter on an AstNode by having an explicitly-named function to create the iterator.
Tom Alexander 6 months ago
parent e1d85c6dc2
commit 4897952330
Signed by: talexander
GPG Key ID: D3A179C9A53C0EDE

@ -90,12 +90,11 @@ impl<'r, 's> Iterator for AllAstNodeIter<'r, 's> {
impl<'r, 's> IntoIterator for AstNode<'r, 's> {
type Item = AstNode<'r, 's>;
type IntoIter = AllAstNodeIter<'r, 's>;
fn into_iter(self) -> Self::IntoIter {
impl<'r, 's> AstNode<'r, 's> {
/// Iterate all AST nodes.
/// This is different from the iter/into_iter functions which iterate a single level of the children. This iterates the entire tree including returning the root node itself.
pub fn iter_all_ast_nodes(self) -> AllAstNodeIter<'r, 's> {
AllAstNodeIter {
root: Some(self),
queue: VecDeque::new(),

@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ fn document_org_source<'b, 'g, 'r, 's>(
// If there are radio targets in this document then we need to parse the entire document again with the knowledge of the radio targets.
let all_radio_targets: Vec<&Vec<Object<'_>>> = Into::<AstNode>::into(&document)
.filter_map(|ast_node| {
if let AstNode::RadioTarget(ast_node) = ast_node {

@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ pub(crate) fn apply_in_buffer_settings<'g, 's, 'sf>(
#[cfg_attr(feature = "tracing", tracing::instrument(ret, level = "debug"))]
pub(crate) fn apply_post_parse_in_buffer_settings<'g, 's, 'sf>(document: &mut Document<'s>) {
document.category = Into::<AstNode>::into(&*document)
.filter_map(|ast_node| {
if let AstNode::Keyword(ast_node) = ast_node {
if ast_node.key.eq_ignore_ascii_case("category") {

@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ pub use affiliated_keyword::AffiliatedKeyword;
pub use affiliated_keyword::AffiliatedKeywordValue;
pub use affiliated_keyword::AffiliatedKeywords;
pub use affiliated_keyword::GetAffiliatedKeywords;
pub(crate) use ast_node::AstNode;
pub use ast_node::AstNode;
pub use document::Document;
pub use document::DocumentElement;
pub use document::Heading;