Add a test for trailing blank lines after paragraphs.
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The behavior in emacs does not match the description in the org-mode documentation. I have sent an email to the org-mode mailing list and I am waiting their response so I can adjust (or not adjust) my parser accordingly.
Tom Alexander 8 months ago
parent df5ee5af16
commit fc28e3b514
Signed by: talexander
GPG Key ID: D3A179C9A53C0EDE

@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ fn is_expect_fail(name: &str) -> Option<&str> {
"element_container_priority_footnote_definition_dynamic_block" => Some("Apparently broken begin lines become their own paragraph."),
"paragraphs_paragraph_with_backslash_line_breaks" => Some("The text we're getting out of the parse tree is already processed to remove line breaks, so our comparison needs to take that into account."),
"export_snippet_paragraph_break_precedent" => Some("Emacs 28 has broken behavior so the tests in the CI fail."),
"trailing_whitespace_blank_lines_after_paragraphs" => Some("Waiting on mailing list response about ownership of the trailing blank lines."),
_ => None,

@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
foo bar.
* Lorem
* Ipsum