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Tom Alexander c8e3fdba51
Implement horizontal rule.
6 months ago
compare Compare plain text AST nodes. 6 months ago
context Remove Debug from the context variables. 8 months ago
error Remove owned String from CustomError. 8 months ago
event_count Fix clippy. 6 months ago
iter Make creating AllAstNodeIter explicit. 8 months ago
parser Fix clippy. 6 months ago
types Implement timestamp. 6 months ago
util Move terminal colors to the shared util module. 6 months ago
wasm Implement horizontal rule. 6 months ago
wasm_test Fix order of reading optional pair values from elisp. 6 months ago Fix imports for wasm_test. 6 months ago Add a literate tutorial for building emacs to the foreign documents test. 8 months ago Separate out rust parsing step to support references to values stored in the parsed state. 6 months ago Add a script to run the wasm test inside docker. 6 months ago Apply more suggestions. 8 months ago Start working on a version of compare based on json values. 6 months ago Record element start events and report them when the event_count feature is enabled. 8 months ago